Dovetown Yoga School

                        Teacher Training


Modules and assessment

There are eight modules, the content of which is woven throughout the course

    1. Functional anatomy of yoga

    2. Asana

    3. Breathing and Pranayama

    4. Energy systems and related practices

    5. Relaxation, concentration and meditation

    6. History, philosophy and the definitions of yoga

    7. Teaching

    8. The Business of teaching

Due to the amount of content it is important that applicants understand the commitment involved.  Details are laid out in the prospectus and on the website and we encourage enquiries about all aspects of the course.

There are various forms of assessment including

    1. Minimum of 80% attendance

    2. A reflective account of personal practice plus class/workshop attendance

    3. Observation of other teacher with written report

    4. Essays  marked and graded by tutor and one other

    5. Schemes of work and lesson plans

    6. Group presentation

    7. Tutor observed teaching practices

    8. Special project

The structure of the course, contact hours, home study and methods of assessment are clearly laid out.  From the start we encourage contact between students, students and mentors and course leaders.  Progress will be monitored, regular feedback given and timely prompts when deadlines approach. Using various media we want all involved to contribute to the course and to the school.

Distribution of hours



Please note that the distribution of hours may alter closer to the start date.

There is an expectation that students will continue with their regular weekly class attendance and take the opportunity to attend workshops, etc.  Any events or relevant training should be logged and reflected upon in your practice diary.  This will count as part of your assessment.  Personal practice hours are in addition to the 250 hours training schedule.

We are lucky to have so many experienced teachers and practitioners on the course.  Delivery and distribution of hours may change as the school members focus on the fine detail closer to the start.

Once enrolled on the course you will have regular updates to keep you informed

Lesley Doveton - course leader