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I have uploaded three tracks to soundcloud

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Relaxation & focusing exercise (6.37)    A short and effective practice for calming body and mind

The Grand Yoga Breath (9.18)      An excellent method for improving breathing.  This healthy practice benefits the  systems of the body as well as bringing about relaxation of body and mind.  Read more here...

Yoga Nidra (13.54)      A deep relaxation process in which we can let go and enjoy a feeling of freedom and space. Whilst in this relaxed state there is an opportunity to make a sankalpa or resolve - a positive statement about our life. Read more here...


Regular classes 

Follow links below for more information about individual classes

Day                        Time                       Venue                                         Ability                           


Monday                     12.45-2pm                 Methodist Church Hall                  Gentle                               

                                                                         Fairfield Road                                  For women only


Monday                      5.30-7pm                  The Gym                                           General                          

                                                                         The Mary Seacole Building

                                                                         Brunel University

Tuesday                     6.15 7.45pm               Pinewood Studios                          General                           

                                                                         Iver Heath                                       Members only

Wednesday               10.30 - 11.30             The Malt Shovel                             All abilities                      

                                                                        Iver Lane                                         Mindfulness, Breathing

                                                                         Cowley                                             & Relaxation


Wednesday            6.30 - 7.45                   Lake Farm Park Academy           General                   

                                                                       Botwell Common Road                          


Friday                      10.30-11.45                 Hayes End Methodist Church      Gentle                

                                                                        Uxbridge Road,


Reduction for block booking and for Brunel Students


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