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Dovetown Yoga School is fortunate to have some fantastic teachers, specialist teachers, mentors on the course

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A message from Ferozea...

I am a recently qualified yoga teacher having just completed a two year BWY accreditation diploma and previous to that one year foundation yoga course also with BWY.

I have been a student of Lesley for 11 years now and have learnt, developed and grown so much under her excellent teaching and full guidance. Lesley was my mentor through my diploma providing me safety and nurture through my journey.

I teach Hatha Yoga and I see it as a ‘tool’ to connect to SELF, starting by 'listening' to oneself by stilling the mind. Using asana practise and breath work to develop awareness, which in turn develops awareness towards others, the environment, the planet and so forth. Yoga for me is the beginnings of building trust with oneself and the beginnings of healing from the inside out and much more. In the modern ‘age’ we live in, people have forgotten how to ‘breathe’ and make that ‘connection’ to themselves. One ‘conscious’ breath and one ‘still’ moment whereby the mind, body and soul are one is a seed planted for a more conscious way of living.

Through your journey in this course you will gain a deeper understanding of yoga through anatomy, philosophy as well as working through the mechanics of all the main classical postures. It will be an incredible life changing journey and we will be here to support you through this change and transition. The world needs more yoga teachers!!

All the best!!

Ferozea xx



Dale Spence

Dale and I have been friends and yoga colleagues for many years.  I am so pleased that he is part of the team.

Dale will be bringing his impressive expertise to the course with lead responsibility to the history and philosophy of yoga. He  will be setting and marking the essays related to these modules.

Follow this link to Dale’s website to discover more...

Sue Dusgate and Ferozea Huda

Sue, Ferozea and I have been friends and yoga fans for longer than I can remember. Both have years of yoga experience - each will bring a unique insight into teacher training and are keen to support and guide trainee teachers to a successful graduation

Amanda Mackenzie

Amanda and I share the same turf.  Local teachers, we have been friends and comrades for how long? I can’t remember!  It is great to have someone to align with (when we have time) and to chew over what it means to be in the business of yoga and to     share our love of the art.

Amanda will share her specialist knowledge of general teaching, the business aspect, running retreats, pregnancy yoga, adaptive yoga for special needs and much more.

Follow this link to Amanda’s website to discover more...