Yoga and well-being with Lesley Doveton 



About me

I have been teaching yoga and running wellness events for over 30 years - training with The British wheel of Yoga and as a Senior Yoga Teacher/Trainer with Yoga Alliance.

I teach in the local South Hillingdon area and on Zoom

Coming to a yoga class

There are many styles and schools of yoga and classes vary to suit different abilities and preferences. So it is worth speaking to a teacher and trying out a few to find the one for you.

Hatha Yoga is the yoga of physical action and postures, breathing practices and relaxation and is practiced in most western yoga classes.  It is a system for enhancing our health and for fitness and relaxation.  

With this system we...

  1. Let go of tensions from our body, breath and mind
    Become stronger and more supple
    Improve our breathing and balance our energies
    Enhance the health of our body and its organs
    Quieten our minds, improve our concentration
    Enjoy better sleep
    Feel happier, more positive and peaceful

The benefits of regular yoga practice reveals itself not only in how we feel and look but in every aspect of our lives: we find ourselves better equipped to deal with life’s events because we are supported by the improved mental and physical qualities of strength, flexibility and balance. Everyone can practice yoga. Yoga helps us to deal with stress or when we are recovering from illness or injury. There are classes for pregnancy, for the less-abled as well as strong classes for the experienced and physically fit.  If you have any health concerns please speak to your GP and ask if they think it would be appropriate for you to attend.