Sitkari - the cooling breath

This is a great breath for the hot summer months or whenever you feel the need to “cool it” a bit.   Refreshing and revitalising.

There are variations of this breath - this is my current practice. 


  1.     Find a comfortable sitting position  (info on sitting positions here...)

  1.     Relax with eyes closed or a soft gaze off the tip of the nose

  1.      Breathing in and out through the nose establish a long, slow & easy rhythm

  1.      Keep the tongue flat and relaxed behind the lower teeth

  1.      Breathe in through parted lips, slowly drawing the air across the surface of the tongue

  1.      Close the mouth and breathe out, long and slow, through the nose

  1.      Repeat 8-10 times and practice whenever you feel the need

  1.     At the end of the practice let the breath settle into a small and quiet rhythm  - enjoy the effects.


  1. As you breathe in you can raise you chin your, lifting your face upwards. then coming back to

        where you were on the out breath

  1. Also on the in-breath you can make a long sit sound as the air moves across the tongue

You should feel at ease throughout, practicing mindfully aware of each breath and effects as they happen.

Some claim that a powerful polarity between negative and positive ions makes a person more “highly charged”.  Giving them a “magnetic personality”!! 1 

Let me know how that works for you!!  (You have been warned).

1    Swami Gitananda; Philip Xerri



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