From BKS Iyengar’s Light on Life

(Rodale Books)

The speed, stress, and strain of modern life send the human system out of gear.  The human body is the finest machine created by god.  Millions of cells are produced every second and die out just as swiftly.  The cells have their own intelligence.  They give strength, fitness and mental calm.  The orchestra of bones, muscles, tissues, nerves, blood vessels, limbs, and organs in the circulatory, respiratory, digestive and glandular systems is tuned to a veritable dance that is sustained by the energy of prana and choreographed by our consciousness

While yoga may begin with the cult of the body, it leads toward the cultivation of our consciousness.  As we cultivate our mind, we are able to avoid the stress that would otherwise lodge itself in our body, causing disease and suffering


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Monday                            12-45 - 2pm

Gentle, for women

(No class 27th May, 10th & 17th June)

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Breathe & Relax

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Friday                              10.30-11.45


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