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People often ask me if yoga will help with weight loss.  I am a bit reluctant to answer as body weight, exercise and diet are complex and individual issues.   What I do know is that nearly everyone I talk to already has an overload of information about diets, ranging from the simple (eat less, exercise more) to the faddish (cabbage diet, protein diet, lemon syrup, etc.)


Traditional (yogic) views regarding what we eat and how we eat are with an emphasis on sattvic food rather than those  rajasic or tamasic qualities. Click here to see my page on sattva stuff. Or the link on the right for an interesting article on the yogic diet.

I am interested in diet in terms of nutritional value, the energetic effects and the pleasure of eating. Practicing and teaching yoga and meditation has made me very aware of the effect the food I eat has on my body and mind.  This has influenced what I eat and the changes I have made over the years.

I have been a vegetarian for over 30 year - I sometimes eat fish, cheese and eggs and enjoy chocolate.  In the last couple of years I have increased the amount of vegan food so, for many meals, no animal products at all.

I have also increased the amount of fruit and vegetables and reduced the amount of wheat and dairy. Lately I have added many more raw meals to my diet including those made with nuts and seeds, smoothies, fresh juices and chopped raw vegetables.  Take a look at the recipes.

Relaxation and meditation practices also affect the way we eat and what we eat.  Stress, low esteem and depression are often linked to the amount we eat and the food we choose.  Regular relaxation and meditation can alter our emotional relationship to everything in life and this includes food.

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