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Coming to a yoga class

What to wear....

  1.   Wear loose-fitting clothing like yoga pants or jogging bottoms

  2.   Layers including a warm top as temperatures can vary in class

  3.   Socks for warmth but we mostly practice with feet bare

What to bring with you...

Yoga mats - I have a few purple sticky mats for sale at £8 each

You can buy  online although it is good to be able to get the “feel” first. 

I recommend...

  1.   Weighty enough so it sits on the floor and doesn’t  float, slip or curl up

  2.   The surface should have a grip (often called a sticky mat).

  3.   Thick or thin depending on comfort, warmth etc

TK Maxx always have a good-looking selection

Also I liked some mats (good ones from about £16) in Uxbridge shop Decathlon

Online -  maybe go with specific yoga sites for best range

Blocks or Bricks?


Most teachers have a few blocks to share but you may want your own

I recommend...

  1.   You have two

  2.    Foam, sturdy but light

I tend not to use bricks but you may prefer them or already have one

TK Maxx and Decathlon also lots of online sites


Always a good idea to bring a blanket

Can be used as support or padding

Also will keep you warm during relaxation


Most teachers have a collection of these

I use judo belts


Bring a bottle in case you get thirsty


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