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Resources and further recommendations

History and philosophy:


Please read this excellent series by Lalita Kaplish from The Wellcome Institute

It will form part of our discussions and course work

The History of Yoga


   Part one     -      Not one yoga but many yogas

   Part two     -     The yogi as hermit, warrior, criminal and showman

   Part three   -     Vivekananda’s Journey

   Part four     -     Yoga gets Physical

   Part five      -     Sun salutations and yoga synthesis in India

   Part six        -     Yoga adapts to time and place

Here are a few favourites from my collection

(I will bring these books along to the relevant training weekends)

The Iyengar collection






This is my “Power Yoga Collection” - they had a great influence on my learning and practice

Also a favourite of mine        



The works of Billy Doyle - an influential  teacher of mine

And his teacher Jean Klein


Assorted collection


The Vivekanda Collection